• The Fairfax County COVID Aid Project will not be held liable for actions taken by volunteers or recipients of the service

    • Volunteers must acknowledge and accept this before accepting a position as volunteer.

  • Possession/ use of alcohol or illegal substances are prohibited while volunteering

  • No physical contact between the two parties for both personal safety and health reasons.

  • In order to prevent conflicts regarding money:

    • Recipients will note the amount given and volunteers must approve that this sum has been provided before beginning the errand by sending in to the Team via social media or email.

    • Volunteers are expected to be extremely careful with the handling of the recipient’s money.

    • Volunteers must provide the original receipt to the recipient along with any change and provide a picture of the original receipt the Fairfax County Community COVID Aid Project via social media or email in order to maintain integrity when purchasing items/ services for a recipient:

      • Change/unused money MUST be returned to the owner. If it is not, it will constitute as theft and we will be forced to contact the authorities.

  • Masks are recommended and gloves required for volunteers:

    • Gloves should be either latex/disposable or washable gloves (if using washable, must wash them before and after each task).

  • Volunteers may NOT enter a recipient's home under any circumstance:

    • If dropping off groceries at a recipient’s home, please leave the items at their doorstep and take a picture before leaving as proof of delivery.

    • If asked to perform a task inside a recipient’s home, please respectfully alert them that it is against the code of conduct.

  • Show respect to store clerks, recipients, and volunteers:

    • This includes not releasing personal information of recipients or other volunteers.

    • Any abusive language and verbal, sexual, and physical harassment will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from your position as volunteer and possible reporting to the authorities if grave.

    • Actual or threatened violence will not be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities.

  • Prioritize safety

    • If you feel uncomfortable at any time, please contact the FC COVID Aid Project Team via our social media or email and we will get back to you promptly (the Team will be checking the social media around the clock, so response time should not exceed 10 minutes).

    • If you are in immediate danger, contact emergency services at 911.


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