Sophie is a graduating senior at McLean HS and an incoming freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been heavily involved in government and community organizations. Some of her interests include learning foreign languages, discovering new cultures, and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Sophie is eager to engage the youth population of Fairfax County to help mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on our community.


Samir is a rising senior at McLean High School and is deeply involved in both varsity athletics and academic clubs as a member of the school's varsity rowing and Model UN teams. He is very interested in environmental sustainability and public policy and hopes to study the two in college. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Samir enjoys cycling, researching climate-related issues, and expressing his beliefs through writing. Samir is extremely thankful for the community engagement this project has fostered to ensure Fairfax County remains tight-knit in the midst of the pandemic.


Peter is a rising senior from McLean High School, who joined the Youth Community Support to help those in his community after seeing the widespread effects the current pandemic had around the world. Peter is a very passionate advocate for serving others in his community as he believes serving someone else that you might not know can cause a ripple effect of positive change for our society. Peter currently enjoys playing the violin for his school’s orchestra, being an ambassador for YES North America as well as helping lead his Model UN team. He cannot wait to help throughout the efforts of Fairfax County COVID Aid as he believes it will truly make the community around him a better place for those around him.



Leah is a rising junior currently attending McLean High School. She participates in Model UN and plays the French Horn for the McLean HS symphonic band. Leah is passionate about human rights and equality for all and during this time she hopes to be able to help those at a disadvantage in her community.


Saehee is a rising sophomore at McLean High School and joined Fairfax County COVID Aid to help members of her community impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. As a part of LeadPeace, Model UN, and other organizations, Saehee is dedicated towards helping others and making the world a better place. She enjoys discussing politics, as well as learning about other languages and cultures. Saehee is glad to be a part of Fairfax County COVID Aid and its mission to provide aid to others in her community.


Sophia is a rising senior at McLean High School in McLean, VA. She is the founder and president of Hack McLean, a computer science club. In 2019, Hack McLean hosted McLean High School’s first ever hackathon, McHack. She is also a member of the cross country team, the travel Model UN team and a mentor to freshman. Outside of school, she is a Sunday School intern for the Interfaith Families Project, a Leadership Ambassador for She Rocks the World, and has interned for Fairfax Democrats. Additionally, she is a member of Leadership Greater Washington’s class of 2020.


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